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Jury Award La barbatella

Official Awards


La barbatella

The winner of the Jury Prize receives the barbatella – sculpture, paiting, or any other artistic work – that represents the deep-rooted piping ready to be transplanted, the graft that makes the vine live. The works describes a beginning. The just planted vine’s one. The materials’ essentiality, salvage or extracted by natural resources, which had and will be used – by Gianluca Canè in 2004, Loredana Galante in 2005, Roberto Cossellu in 2006 – shows the barbatella’s fundamental aspects: the simplicity as baby vine and the complexity of being part of the soil.



The prize consists in an element that originates from the vine or from the wine cellar - in 2005 it was a vine-shoot from Cannubi, one of the most prestigious vineyards in Barolo; in 2006 it was the part of a stave enriched by elements in tartar coming from a bottle – skilfully manufactured by German sculptor Johannes Jütten, in memory of a famous Langa’s viticulturer - Bartolo Mascarello – given by his daughter Maria Teresa. This prize goes to the work that represents in the best and most effective way the territory as a value.



It consists in symbolic objects belonging to the oenological legacy, selected by important figures of Langa’s viticulture, such as the prototype given in 2005 by Baldo Cappellano, one of Barolo Chinato’s caretakers, or like the case of prestigious Barolo wine offered in 2006 and in 2007 by Cristina Oddero from the Oddero Wine Cellars.



Being 2007 the year of Equal Opportunity, a new prize has been conceived, dedicated to the Contessa Berta. This name, peculiar for a cinema award, is on the contrary extremely significant to the territory and its implicit sociocultural meaning: Berta was an heretic countess, a legendary figure of Monforte’s Catharist tradition, sent to the stake in Milan after being arrested by Ariberto d’Intimiano’s squires.

It was 1028, a far but documented story: French historian Anne Brenon states that the first European stakes for heretic people flared up in Orleans and Monforte d’Alba. An alliance, therefore, between cinema and territory, cinema and food, cinema food and culture.

Better burning that renouncing, it is the Catharist saying. A prize to creative women, cinema professional but non only, who have believed and known how to fulfil their own dreams and heresies, consistent with a path released from the demands of the market, sticked with social and human ethics.

This first year the prize will be given to to Ines Cavalcanti – the extraordinary postwoman in Il vento fa il suo giro by Giorgio Diritti, winner of the Audience Prize in 2006 – a leading figure of the Provençal culture, who contributed a lot to help other people realizing their dreams. It is an excellent wish for a prize conceived by women for other women.

The prize consists in a bottle of precious Barolo Chinato offered by Baldo Cappellano, a great viticulturer, as heretic as his bottle, that takes origin from the family tradition of his great-grandfather pharmacist, who began contaminating Barolo wine with quinquina and mysterious spices.


The Jury

The Jury of Food in Film Festival’s fourth edition is made up of important figures of Italian and international cinema, journalists of magazines and TV, as well as leading personalities in the cultural field.

The Members

Moosa Aljiani, Iran

Marco Di Castri, Italy

Marina Obradovich, France

Emilia Patruno, Italy

Silvestro Serra, Italy



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